a little about where I started


My name is Savannah Pitts and as of today (11/27/17) I am 21 years of age. I was born and raised on a small farm, in a small ski town, up in North Idaho about 40 miles from Canada. Until I meandered my way down to Denver, Colorado where I know reside. For the time being. 

Thanks to my Grandmother, I started learning to paint when I was really little, I loved it right away and ever since my family has always encouraged me to keep pursuing it. I started with oil paints which weren't "aloud" in high school so I switched to pencil, after that came spray cans. From there I found a whole new "alleyway" of art. 

I have been a Professional Photographer for about 4 years now with my freelance work which has landed me publishings in Freeskier Magazine, Living Local (Sandpoint, ID), along with a few websites and catalogs. 

I've worked with many wonderful companies like Coal Headwear, Tall T productions, Treefort Lifestyles, Maad Love, Armada, Nikita, Icelantic Skis, Outdoor Technology, Bootay Bag, Lost Girls Tribe, Royal Outerwear, and Level 1 productions. 

I created the Lion Heart Project in memory of my mentor, Patrick Orton.

I wanted to carry on along his path and dedicate all of my successes and art to him. SO instead of being Savannah Pitts Photography I became the LHP.

I travel by road, just me and my Subaru Forester, Teeks. Every now and then a friend will join me, more often than not I'll just find them along the way.

I roam around with a plan sometimes, sometimes I just roam. I'll usually make friends along the way, we'll camp or I'll couch surf. Photographing those interactions and experiences feels like my soul purpose in life sometimes. I appreciate those moments. 

I've been obtaining opportunities more and more for travel, photographing, and spray painting murals. I am really excited to see what this year has in store for myself and the LHP.

Thanks for reading,



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