& The LHP

The Lion Heart Project was originally started in memory of my mentor and friend, Patrick Orton.

Patty had an infectiously joyous way of living life. 

I created the LHP in his honor, and to be my compass throughout my life. 

The LHP was established in 2013, when I was 17.

I am now 24 years old and still developing what my project is. 

It began as a way to keep Patrick close while I pursued a life in adventure and photography. 

Currently, I would describe it as two things:

1. Me.

2. A movement of inclusion, happiness, caring for the earth, creating art, taking photos, making videos, going on incredible road trips, and making sure those around me know they are loved. 

That counts as two things, right? 

Yeah, we'll call that two. 

I am originally from a little town in North Idaho, I grew up on a small farm and loved every minute of it.

I spent 2014-2020 running around Colorado exploring being on my own.

In those precious years I have worked with extraordinary people and been to events I would have never imagined I'd be at. 

I work closely with Level 1 Productions ( a dream come true), I have collaborated with Tall T productions, Lost Girls Tribe, Coal Headwear, Outdoor Technologies,  Royal Outerwear, Treefort Lifestyles, and Icelantic Skis. 

I opened Denver Fashion Week 2019 with a line I designed alongside Hunter Higgins, I've stood in front of an installation I built with my two hands at an Adidas Showcase